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Log-In Help

  • If you need Log-In help, please email us at
  • If your Garden or Organization is already a member, please contact your Company Administrator or email us at to gain access to our member benefits
  • When emailing to be added to a roster be sure to include your Name, Email Address and Job Title
  • If you have forgotten your Username please click on Forgot username?  and enter in your email address, to receive an email with your Username
  • If you have forgotten your Password please click on Forgot password? and enter in your email address, to receive an email with instructions for a new Password.

Paying Dues

  • Only Main and Billing Contacts can pay dues. 
  • If you are attempting to pay your dues after sign in click on the "My Account" button on the top menu bar to be redirected to your member profile
  • On your member profile page click on your organizations name, located below your name
  • On the next page, click on the Renew Now button, to begin the process to pay your dues.
  • If you encounter issues please due not hesitate to contact us at

Join a Community!

  • After sign in keep this page open, then go to this link
  • Then go here to show "All Communities"
  • To Join a new Community click on the Green "Join" button
  • Set your email notifications to either Real Time, Daily Digest or No Email.  If you have difficulty receiving email notifications it is recommended to set your notifications to "Real Time"
  • Are you having trouble accessing your account?  Please email