On-Demand: Why Water Management is Important For Your Garden

Join us for this on-demand recording of a Sustainability Index Series webinar to learn more about how your garden can enhance its water quality and consumption goals. You'll learn how gardens are managing water on site to reduce their reliance on municipally supplied water through reuse and reduction. Chad Washburn from Naples Botanical Garden will discuss how the garden has reduced stormwater runoff including improvements in water management through designed wetlands and educational outreach. Maeve Bassett from San Antonio Botanical Garden will talk about how the garden's choice in plants (especially native plants) and management practices has reduced their water consumption. Jonathan Wagar from Duke Farms will discuss how his institution has reduced water use and improved water quality throughout the grounds which include several ponds, wetlands, bioswales, and a river. This webinar is part of the Sustainability Index Webinar series, which explores 12 sustainability topics over the course of a year.